Posted by: hneron | February 6, 2009

The battle of Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009

The much awaited Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009 finally comes now. The keyword on this contest is Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009. Many students and as well as some teachers of different schools here in the province of Capiz compete for the title of being a Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009.

Did you now that I am a newbie blogger?

Yes, I am a newbie. I don’t know how to optimize this blog. I just challege myself  becausse I am proud to be a Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009. I have a hectic schedule in my daily life and I have no time to update this blog. If I have a time, I don’t make a new post because for me blogging is a nonsense activity. But now I have learned from one of the teacher here in our campus that you can make a money in your blog.

Wow, I can’t imagine how it was! I research on the internet and I have find out that  blogging is a very interesting activity too. You can post whatever you want but their is also a limitation because you can hurt others feeling.

Now, the world blogging enlightened my mind. For me blogging is the modern version of diary. Imagine you can post in your blog your secrets! It sound rediculous.

The main goal of this competition is to enhance the skills of aspiring Capiznon Bloggers. This is not a competition but a way to improve one ability.

This is the end of my first post and I don’t know when is the time I can post another topic. Let’s put in our mind that we can all be a Hectic Capiznon Bloggers 2009.

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